Boiler Tuning

So the plant has brought in an expert to tune the boiler, primarily to deal with CO spikes.  He asks Doug if the Control Room Operator who will be on shift has been “Really watching things closely.”  And so Doug asks me to come in on overtime.  At somepoint…

…at some point I need to decide who my audience is at what they need to know.  Is this a story about me talking to a guy and him calling me intelligent/observant/hard working?  Or is this a story about the changes I wanted to make but didn’t have permission to that we paid a competent professional alot of money to do basically the same thing? Or is does this story require a long explanation of the Rube-Goldberg-esque machine that is a pulverized coal boiler.

I don’t know what I’m trying to do here.  I just feel like I should  be writing.

So, highlights:

I come in and say “Doug asked me to help tune this.”  And Miah (on shift supervisor) says “there’s not anyone better for the job”

Rusty (expert) says “I’ve never seen a boiler with logic like this” and I say “The only boiler I’ve ever had experience with is this one spending 2 years sitting in that chair.”  He replies “Looks like you didn’t waste it.”

Rusty makes changes to cap the downside of the PA air kicker.  I made this exact recommendation to Doug about a week ago… of course Rusty came to the conclusion with way less time thinking about it, but I guess that’s what makes him an expert.


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