I used to really enjoy movies

Went to see “Prometheus” and missed most of it.  Taking that girl of mine to the movies has led to me missing most of the last several movies I’ve seen.  A notable exception being “The Avengers” which Alaric saw twice and Stanna and I saw on different days.  So while I’m in the lobby of the movie theater teaching my 13 month old to walk for $8 I tell her “You’re going to get paid back for this.”


Here’s the plan:  when Joule has kids I’m going to volunteer to baby sit while she goes to the movies.  Then I’m going to follow her, buy my own ticket, and sneak into the theater.  When my grandbaby starts to cry I’m going to hand her to Joule and say “Can you take her to the lobby?  I’m trying to watch a movie here.”

Hell yeah, revenge will taste so sweet.


4 thoughts on “I used to really enjoy movies

  1. I will never forget taking you and Gabriel to see “Raiders of The Lost Ark.” I was truly enjoying the movie, you were too…and Gabriel had fallen to sleep…he was only about three…and then the end of the movie approached…where the Ark of The Covenant showed its powers after the Nazis opened it…but I didn’t see that. Nope, Gabriel woke up and he had to pee. He really really had to pee. I held his hand and walked him up the aisle to the restroom. My God did he have to pee. It went on and on, you’d never think a 3 year old had that big a bladder. And we left the restroom, came back to the theater….to the credits rolling. And that’s the deal with kids. Their needs come first, yours come second. I had to think to myself at that moment…it ain’t the end of the world, and this is going to be on HBO in a year. Chill out. The little guy needs to take a leak.
    Of course, the worst part was listening to you excitedly describe Nazi’s heads melting, and power of the Covenant going up to the sky…I could have seen the movie by myself, but I would have missed how happy I made you.

  2. In my memory it had been Jacob who slept through it all. The dates verify your version. I used to love going to movies with you. Temple of Doom and PeeWee’s Big Adventure stand out.

    In hindsight I don’t think that Raiders was appropriate for a 6 year old.

  3. Ha ha ha! I wanted you guys to experience everything you could. Raiders was fun, and I didn’t hear about any bad dreams you had from it. I went over to your house and you and Jacob weren’t there, but Gabriel wanted to go. And so, we went to see “Silence Of The Lambs”. About halfway through it, I was thinking…oh shit. this is not for kids at all. oh shit. I leaned over to him and said “Are you enjoying this movie” and he said “YES!” and so we watched the whole movie. As we left he said “That was a GREAT MOVIE, thanks Unca Don!”

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