The Dread Poodle Roberts

A little over a month ago my dog died.  It was after a night shift and I let him out to potty.  Our yard isn’t fenced, but he knew where it ended so as long as you were keeping half an eye on him this was fine.  I took the trash to the curb.  He ran past me.  It wasn’t too unusual for him to challenge the boundaries a little bit, but usually that meant running to the ditch.  This time he ran past the ditch, past the breakdown lane, and onto the highway.  I called him desperately.  He turned right and was trotting down the street.  I called him.  He looked at me.  He got hit by a truck.  The truck was s…


so the lady driving was getting off shift as a dispatcher at the sheriff’s office.  She felt horrible.  She used to work in animal control.  She refused to leave until the dog was buried.  I really wanted her to leave, but she had a sense of duty that I respect.  She was a decent hand with a shovel, though I would’ve buried him deeper if she hadn’t been there.  When the hole was mostly dug I had to go in and wake up everybody so we could have a funeral.  OK so funeral seems to overstate the 4 of us and a stranger burying a dog, but the point was I had to get it done to get this sweet sad guilty honorable lady to get off my lawn and leave me alone, and in our household a buried animal is something observed by all.  So my lovely wife had about the worst wake-up call she could ask for.  The boy came out and cried and said he wanted another Dread.  The girl sat in a lap and wondered why we got her out of bed and why everyone was upset.

Then I did something very hard.  I gave this woman a hug and told her it wasn’t her fault.  There was nothing she could’ve done.

What made it possible to tell her this is: a) she was doing everything she could b) it wasn’t her fault.

It’s mine.


2 thoughts on “The Dread Poodle Roberts

  1. This wasn’t the entry I meant to write at all. I meant to say something quirky that required the background information that my dog got hit by a car right in front of me a month ago, but this is what came out.

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