Brain Training

I play mental exercise games online.  I played Lumosity on and off for a couple of years, but could never bring myself to pay for the full version.  If it had been software I would’ve paid $30 for it, but just can’t see the $6/month or $250 lifetime.  Cognifit is a newcomer fighting for that same “scientifically proven cognitive enhancement” niche.  The difference that appeals to me is there’s a free version, and then you pay a onetime fee for expansions (or you annoy 20 of your friends with facebook invitations(sorry)).   Other differences revolve around the rise of social gaming since the onset of lumosity.  “Challenge your friends” to bets of an in game currency called “neurons.”  Of course these can also be purchased for real world cash as well.  Cognifit gives better access to information on your performance, but that comparison is probably unfair since I don’t have the full version of lumosity.  It ranks cognition in a whole lot of catagories, sperating “short-term memory” from “spatial memory” and “contextual memory” on a scale from 0-800, but I have a number of these scales pegged out and they are therefore useless to me.  On the other hand my “visual scanning” and “focused attention” are both below 100.

Note how the score dips significantly for a period of about 3 weeks starting after witnessing the death of the Dread Poodle Roberts.  I find this completely fascinating.  At the time I would’ve sworn that they must have changed their scoring algorithm.  In how many other ways was I affected without realizing it.  Was my work performance less than normal?  Was I impatient and difficult with my lovely wife and wonderful children?  Was I eating differently?  Was I sleeping less or more?  Obviously I knew I felt bad, but somehow this strikes me as being different than feeling bad.  This is actually mental performance


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