not the best person for this particular task

The other day when I was coming onto a night shift the operations manager asked me to look into ordering new chairs for the control room. Right now there’s 3 chairs, and one of them doesn’t match the other 2 at all, and it doesn’t have arms. One of the other 2 has bad hydraulics and sinks down over the course of 30 minutes until the dest hits you high on the chest. This doesn’t bother me particularly… If there weren’t chairs at all, and just 5 gallon buckets I’d bring in some foam and duct tape and be content. I get directions like “something nice, but not rediculously expensive. Look it up and email me the link, preferably on since we already have an account.” I say I’ll do it, because that’s what the military programmed me to do when told to do something. Then I procrastinated. This isn’t the kind of procrastination where you watch TV, or play video games. This is the kind of procrastination where you’re doing the laundry to avoid calling the insurance company to argue about a bill. Yes it’s technically productive, but there’s definitely an element of work avoidance involved.

Eventually I admitted I was avoiding the task and made an attempt. I went to the website and starting searching through office chairs. I spent an hour scrolling through page after page, looking at similar chairs and wondering what they felt like. Realizing the $150 chair didn’t look that different than the $700 chair, I felt helpless. Here’s the email I wrote:

office chairs

This one is for B crew CRO, 'cause it's not all about me.I'd totally use this at work if they'd let me


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