Boiler tuning and Shadman adrift

When I started blogging I actually expected to spend a lot of time talking about how a pulverized coal boiler works.  The rube-golbergian complexity of it.  The overlapping systems.  The thermodynamics that I can wrap my physics background around combined with a enormous science kit that I can push the buttons on…  I love thinking about it.  Also I’ve spent a fair bit of time googling around about boiler tuning and boiler efficiency, and it’s incredibly difficult to find resources that aren’t written in almost indecipherable engineer speak.  I thought maybe I could be that resource for someone else.

Since then I haven’t written anything about it in months.  Part of that is because I’ve felt my input at work doesn’t seem to get much traction, which discourages me from putting as much energy into it as I used to… but most of it is the fact that my audience (a bunch of friends/acquaintnances on Facebook, and 20 random wordpress minions) doesn’t give a crap about running a pulverized coal power plant, and is much more interested in stories about me and my kid, or stuff I thought was funny.

Well last week one of the hits on my blog came from someone who googled “Boiler tuning” and I felt oddly guilty.  I felt I failed this anonymous stranger, and in missed an opportunity to make the world a better place.

So for you dear lost reader who will probably never come to my page again, and for my future wayward brother, who is more interested in tuning controls for drum level than the etymology of the word genitals or the history of yellow lego mini-figs, I post these 2 links which took me quite a while to stumble across and are the single best resource I found.  These articles by Tim Leopold in Power magazine are readable and useful.


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