End the dryspell

I’m writing to break a dryspell.  I’m publishing before I get up from the desk.  Be it for potty-break, or for screaming child.  This message will go out.

When I started this blog I never really tried to set myself up on a schedule.  When you work rotating shifts “regular” means something different to you than it does to everyone else… even other people at your work who have been on shift in the past don’t really get it.  I had a conversation one Tuesday morning with the mechanical supervisor at work, we were scrambling to Lock out an atomizer and swap it with the spare so they could perform their scheduled maintenance.  All this should’ve been done on night shift, and he said to me “You’d think they’d figure out by now that we need one every tuesday morning.”  And I replied, “Monday night-shift only comes once a month.”  He worked this same shift for a couple of years, on days for a couple of years and he can no longer grok it.

Too short?  I don’t have anything else to say about shiftwork right now.  Should I publish and start over?


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