Long ago, in the days before email, I played a “play by mail” role-playing game run by a slightly older kid named Isaac Cates.  While I found my way into a technical carreer, his love of words led him to a PhD from Yale and the world of acadamia.  Unlike me whose dreams rarely left his own head, Isaac has continued to live in the fantastic, even as an academic analyzing contemporary poetry.

MINIONS!  I call to all of you to help his dreamweaving makery continue:
<iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”;

click to read more

Sample tale from Cartozia, click to read more.


2 thoughts on “Cartozia

    • Dear Fuck You,
      I’ve posted 69 posts, none of which kickback to me in anyway. In exactly one post linking to a kickstarter from an old aquaintance who is attempting to produce a quality product, which I am spending $130 to support. If that hurts your feelings then you need to toughen up. This is the internet son.

      Thanks for your time,

      Shadman the Wonderguy
      Spreader of joy…
      and peanut butter.

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