Vocabulary: Lugubrious

From Terry Pratchett‘s “Witches Abroad”

Two pale glows appeared at the edge of the lamplight.  Eventually they turned out to be the eyes of a small gray creature, vaguely froglike, paddling toward them on a log.

It reached the boat.  Long clammy fingers grabbed the side and a lugubrious face rose level with Nanny Ogg’s.

“ullo,” it said.  “It’sss my birthday.”

All three of them stared at it for a while and then Granny Weatherwax picked up an oar and hit it firmly over the head.


So what does it mean?  Context clues are “froglike” and “clammy.”  The froglike description, hissing speech and birthday reference bring to mind Gollum.  None of these things nailed it down.

Lugubrious– full of sadness or sorrow :  especially in an exaggerated or insincere way.


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