Don’t forget to breathe

I was laying in bed doing breathing exercises.  In deep through the nose like smelling a flower


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for a slow 3 count, feel the chest expand and the belly stretch out.  Exhale with mild force through slightly pursed lips, like blowing bubbles,

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feel the tensed torso relaxing as I mentally say “STILLNESS.”

I did this around 10 times (I don’t actually count) but when I was finished I couldn’t stop.  In CRO terms, I couldn’t get my breathing to go back into auto.  I couldn’t find the source of the manual reject, but when I stopped thinking about breathing… I stopped breathing.  I decided to hold my breath, thinking that when I couldn’t hold it any longer and started gasping for air that surely reflex would take over.  It didn’t work.  I think I didn’t push it hard enough.  Instead of holding my breath until reflex took over I only held my breath until it was really uncomfortable.  So then I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, breathing, and thinking, and thinking about breathing.

I wondered how effectively I could divide my attention.  Could I breath and carry a conversation?  Could I breath and do math?  Could I breath and walk and chew bubble gum? Was I perpetually multi-tasking with the associated loss of quality.  Would I forever be one of those people who are driving and talking on their phone?

Eventually I fell asleep.  When I woke up I was breathing normally and didn’t even remember it had been a problem until mid-morning.

Hazard of mindful breathing:  Forgetting how to breath mindlessly.


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