Rumor Mills

This is a recent rumor progression on nightshift.

All names were changed to protect the innocent.

Isaaku said Avner is retiring.  Isaaku has a position of authority and seldom starts rumors.

Pontius texted Nudd and asked if he heard.  He had not.

Nudd texted Laban and asked if he heard.  Laban texted Nudd back saying he was right next to Avner and he is not leaving.

Isaaku was offended that anyone would take Laban’s word over his, but declined to reveal his source.

Yo’ash suggested we get in touch with Timeus, the Oracle. But it was after the Oracle’s bed time.

Darius called Hirah and asked if he had heard anything.  Hirah has left our plant and has a completely different set of connections.

Hirah confirms Avner is leaving and posits that Avner is trying to hide it from Laban to protect his feelings.

 What grade would you guess we were in?

If you guessed between the ages of 26 and 58 and working in the power plant industry you are right!

PS when Isaaku refused to offer a source I was annoyed at the time, but in hindsight it gives me the feeling that I can trust him.  He didn’t exactly keep a secret (in fact when he started all this he didn’t seem to think there was anything secret or debatable about it) but he did protect his sources identity.


One thought on “Rumor Mills

  1. My office, staffed by only women, is pretty much catty middle school drama all the time. I’m continually asking my partners what grade we’re in. Glad to know its not just us chicks who can’t seem to leave the fun of 7th grade behind us!

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