Aging, Soreness, and Trampolines

There was a time when I was young and active.  Infact I was more than active, I was HYPER-active.  I traveled by bike and I traveled wide.  I had been known to run a half mile to a friends house because it was faster than walking.  I sometimes rode my bike to Adam’a house and then would race him back with me on foot and him on his bike and I was allowed to take all the short-cuts and he had to ride off course to find driveways to cross the streets and these races were very close.

Later I became a teenager and I started to lift weights too try and bulk-up because I thought I was too skinny.  The first thing that happened was that I lost 12 lbs.  After about a month I gained that back and about 10 more in muscle.  I was still only 165, but it was an intense 165.  When I shifted from extended random activity to weight lifting and indian sprints at soccor practice I was often sore from exercise the next day.  Sometimes (rarely) if it was really intense I’d be sore for 2.

At some point something changed.  Now at age 40 when I work out I’m pretty much fine the next day and it’s the day AFTER THAT when the soreness hits me.

I let the kids sucker me into jumping on the trampoline with them.  I grew up on a trampoline and thought it would be like riding a bike.  It kind of was, but when I jumped really high my lower back ached when I landed.  Also the tricks where I landed on my back and did a 3/4 backwards roll on the bounce to my feet compressed my back in strange ways.  (Whether you bounce forward or backwards or straight up when you land on your back all depends on where you put your feet/center of gravity.)

Eventually I settled into doing the job of the biggest kid on the trampoline and that is stomping on the mat at the exact moment to spring the smaller kids way up high.  this was a popular trick with my kids, especially if they were holding my hands and I kind of threw them up at the same time.  2 days later I show up to work and climb the stairs to the 3rd floor as usual, but my thighs ached tremendously.  My mind didn’t jump to the trampoline of 3 days ago, but instead concluded that I was coming down with the flu.

I felt fine all day in the control room and was hit with the strange muscle soreness again when descending the stairs.  It wasn’t until my boy tried to draw me back onto the trampoline that the tumblers fell into place so to speak.

So is this phenomenon just me or is it a common sign of middle age?

It makes sense to me that as we age we heal slower and would be sore for longer, but I can’t come up with a theory that explains why the soreness would skip a day.


2 thoughts on “Aging, Soreness, and Trampolines

  1. No, I think it’s a getting older thing. The same kind f thing happens to me after very long bike rides- a little sore, tired, and chafed after a 50 mile ride on Saturday, but come sunday night or Monday, it hurts to walk and I’ve got the mother of all headaches

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